KARAMELLU PET All for your Pet needs


50 x 50 x h102.5cm

  • Made of solid wood and wicker
  • Italian design
  • Vertical structure with platforms for relaxation
  • Internal bed with hole for easy entrance
  • Double-face cushions included
  • Sisal columns
  • Amir, one the last proposals of cat scratching posts by Ferplast, is complete with sisal columns and platforms with soft fabric cushions. Is solid and stable thanks to the wooden structure, featuring an original wicker-finish. Like all the cat furniture and scratching posts by Ferplast, all Italian designed, it distinguishes for the maximum care for finishes and details.

    Is complete with double-face cushions you could use as you prefer according to your needs. The large columns made of tough sisal will be a very useful way for your cat to sharpen his claws without damaging curtains or home fittings.
    Amir will also become an excellent gym for your friend who could keep his muscles tonic and agile: with a jump, he could in fact reach the top platforms from where he could keep the surroundings under control.

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