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ARCADE HOME (84660130)

ARCADE HOME (84660130)


Arcade Home is a solid wooden house for hamsters and mice equipped with side holes for easy access and a roof that can be opened for quick inspection or maintenance. The plexiglass front wall allows excellent visibility of the animal inside. The accessory is perfect for containing rodent litter, such as sawdust, wood chips or flakes of pressed wood, essential for absorbing droppings and bad odours. We recommend placing a layer of litter at least 2-3 cm high inside the container: the animal will therefore have a comfortable base, which is essential for hygiene and health. The litter layer also acts as a hiding place, much loved by all rodents, because it allows them to dig, build tunnels and dens.

The house is made of FSC™ certified wood, that is sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources.

Arcade by Ferplast is a complete line of products for small animals made of completely natural and high quality materials. Alongside the Arcade Home nest, the range also offers other accessories and toys for your pet's well-being.