KARAMELLU PET All for your Pet needs
ATLAS 10 (73007899)

ATLAS 10 (73007899)


ATLAS 10  48 x 32.5 x h29cm

ATLAS 20  58 x 37 x h38cm

ATLAS 30  60 x 40 x h38cm

  • To travel with cats and small dogs
  • Ergonomic handle for easy transport
  • Wide lateral grills for ventilation
  • Solid door in plastic-coated steel, easy to open
  • Accessories included: feeder and cushion
  • Lateral clips to block the carrier bottom and top
  • Available in three sizes according to the animal's size or the means of transport
  • Washable cotton cushion
  • Plastic feeder
Are you ready to set off with your pet? The Atlas range of plastic pet carriers for cats and small dogs allows you to take your animals with you, ensuring them safe and comfortable travel. 
Atlas plastic pet carriers for dogs Atlas are made up of two parts, connected firmly to each other by lateral plastic clips. There is a sturdy contoured handle on the top, designed to enable you to move the carrier. Like all Ferplast dog and cat carriers, the Atlas range also has lateral ventilation grilles and plastic-coated steel doors. It comes complete with accessories, including a plastic feeding trough and a washable cotton cushion. 
Atlas 10, 20 or 30: Take your time and choose the most suitable pet carrier, according to size of your furry friend! The smaller Atlas 10 and 20 models are best suited to cats and small dogs, the Atlas 30 model is perfect for small dogs or large cats. 

Before you leave, we advise you to compare the dimensions of the product with those accepted by your chosen airline.