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ATLAS CAR 100 GREY (73100021)

ATLAS CAR 100 GREY (73100021)


Traveling by car with your dog in complete safety has never been easier! Atlas Car is a sturdy, lightweight pet carrier, made of plastic with a plastic-coated iron door. Designed to be placed inside the boot of most cars, it is a pet carrier for medium and large sized dogs.
When choosing a pet carrier from the Atlas Car range, you can be sure that your faithful friends will have a comfortable journey. All models have a solid safety lock which has been recently renewed in the larger models Atlas Car 80, 100 and Maxi and an easy-to-open, two-way sliding door. Large ventilation grilles keep the carrier well-ventilated, while the hygienic draining mat ensures a dry environment at all times. The practical handles on the sides allow for easy positioning inside the car.

If you need to take two dogs with you at the same time, there is a separation partition, which is already included in the largest model - Atlas Car Maxi - and is an optional for the smaller models.
To make your dog's home more comfortable, Ferplast proposes Jolly technical fabric cushions as accessories: Jolly 65 for Atlas Car Mini, Jolly 85 for Atlas Car 80 and Maxi (2 Pieces), Jolly 100 for Atlas Car 100.