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CANTO (52501217)

CANTO (52501217)


Canto is a birdcage for canaries and exotic birds, ideal during the weaning phase of baby birds or for situations of temporary incompatibility between birds, thanks to a partition that divides the habitat into two separate areas. When the partition is removed, you will have a really spacious cage that will allow you to keep several birds at the same time.
Canto is easy to keep clean and, like all birdcages made by Ferplast, it has a plastic base with removable trays. Inside, you will also find useful accessories, like plastic drinking bottles and perches made with soft rubber that will prevent any injuries and calluses on your bird feet. You will also have Brava 2 swivel feeders, essential for quick and easy feeding from the outside.
The Canto canary cage can also be used with a suitable stand in plastic or metal with wheels

  • Ideal for canaries, exotic and other small birds
  • Can be divided into two areas thanks to the separation panel included
  • Ideal for breeding
  • Base with removable trays for easy cleaning
  • Complete with accessories