KARAMELLU PET All for your Pet needs


Dimension: 53 x 60 x h 65 cm

This container for the cat’s litter box is made of solid wood. It is long lasting and has a white finish that makes it suitable for any room in the house. The box is the perfect place to hide your pet’s litter and at the same time ensures it complete privacy and tranquillity when it answers nature’s daily calls. 
It is spacious enough to house a wide variety of Ferplast cat litter boxes, both enclosed and open ones. The cat can easily get in thanks to the handy entrance hole in the front. The Cat Cabinet is perfect for the following models: Prima and Prima Cabrio, Bella and Bella Cabrio, Magix, Kitty, Nip 10 and 20, Nip Plus 10 and 20, Moderna and Birba.
The litter box container can also easily store your cat’s accessories, like litter liners, thanks to the inside shelf it comes with. The shelf is easy to adjust and can therefore be placed where you prefer inside the container. Cat Cabinet even has adjustable feet and a hatch with a magnetic closure.