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CIRCUS FUN (57922799)

CIRCUS FUN (57922799)


Circus Fun is a cage for small, lively rodents, like Russian or European hamsters. It features an original patented design, reminiscent of a circus tent, made using bright colours. It has several levels, which are connected by ladders, and a large living space with designated areas for eating and drinking, playing or resting.
Circus Fun has a roof that can be easily removed for cleaning and comes complete with accessories, including a wheel, a nest, a feeder, a drinking bottle, ladders and plastic shelves. Inside the package, there is also a sheet of colourful stickers that you can use to personalize the cage to your liking. On the bottom and on the roof of the Circus Fun cage, there are decorations already printed using cutting-edge technology. Circus Fun is a modular hamster cage and, as such, it has been designed so that connection tubes to other cages or living units for rodents can be attached to it.

  • Ideal for lively pets
  • Ready to be connected to tubes or modules
  • Removable roof for easy cleaning
  • With nice decoration on the base and on the roof