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CONEY ISLAND (57003070)

CONEY ISLAND (57003070)


Coney Island is a hamster cage that drew its inspiration from the famous amusement park area it is named after. It features plenty of fun items like the giant central wheel, which is great to keep your lively rodent fit and active.

This brightly coloured cage is modular and can be personalised with hamster accessories like an exercise tunnel, tubes and/or other living units for rodents like, for example, the gym or boat you’ll find among the many accessories Ferplast makes to keep hamsters lively and active. It’s a great way to enlarge the play area your little furry friend spends much of its time!

To make sure your rodent has everything to meet its daily needs and activities, the cage comes equipped with a food dish, water bowl and a little house with ladder so that it can always get a good and peaceful night’s sleep.

Made with a solid metal mesh and plastic base, Coney Island is a very secure place and lets you care for your little furry friends at home without any worries. It is practical and easy to clean because you can completely separate the base from the mesh top. Even the wheel is easy to remove so that you can easily gain access to every part of the habitat.

  • Cage for hamsters
  • Amusement park decor
  • Includes giant wheel for fun and exercise
  • Metallic mesh structure
  • Robust plastic bottom for litter, sawdust and shavings
  • Easy to clean because the mesh top can be detached from the bottom
  • Accessories included: 1 food bowl, 1 water dispenser, 1 little house for sleeping
  • Designed to be connected to other accessories and/or hamster living units