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CRAZY BALL - Electronic toy for cats

CRAZY BALL - Electronic toy for cats

This electronic toy for cats, Crazy Ball, is perfect to entertain your feline friend, keeping him always spry and in good health.
Crazy Ball as well belongs  to the wide range of Clever & Happy cat toys, especially designed to stimulate your animal's interest and make him spend many joyful moments.

Crazy Ball consists of a nylon bag with a special closing velcro and a ball, battery powered, with on/off button. Inside the bag, the ball moves random to attract your cat's hunter instinct.

Battery not included. To insert the battery inside the ball, just follow these simple instructions, also contained in the product user manual.
Twist the two halves of the ball in opposite directions; open the battery compartment by pushing the compartment cover; insert the battery with the positive end facing outwards; close the cover; twist the two halves together and place the ball into the bag; close the bag with the velcro edge, press the button on the ball to activate it.