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CRICETI 15 (57011811)

CRICETI 15 (57011811)


Criceti 15 is a big hamster cage with a large plastic retentive base to prevent litter from spilling out of the cage. This habitat features a structure with columns and an upper frame in plastic, as well as a mesh roof that can be opened up and has safety fasteners. A spacious shelf with a ladder divides the cage into two levels, designed for the various activities of your little rodent. The lower level, which is quieter, is suitable as a resting area, while the upper level is suitable for eating, drinking and playing. Perfectly habitable, Criceti 15 comes with a little house for resting, a drinking bottle, a feeding bowl and a wheel. The accessories can be positioned differently, depending on your pet's needs.
This modular habitat is also designed to be connected to other living units, tubes or accessories for hamsters.
Cleaning is quick and easy thanks to the detachable bottom