KARAMELLU PET All for your Pet needs



The Dandy Sanitized bed for dogs and cats, comfortable and welcoming for your pet, is treated with the innovative antiviral and antimicrobial technology by Sanitized (a leading Swiss company in Europe and with high antimicrobial expertise since 1935) which guarantees maximum hygiene and control of bad odours.

The Sanitized treatment contains a biocidal substance, silver chloride, whose antibacterial effect is long-lasting and does not fade with intensive use and washes. It inhibits and reduces the bacteria present on the product by 99.99%, as certified by strict laboratory tests, thus preventing unpleasant odours to develop.
Furthermore, the Sanitized treatment, thanks to the effect of the active ingredient Silver nitrate, does not allow virus to survive on the textile, guaranteeing safety and hygiene for the whole family.

An advantage also for the environment since the number of washings and the use of detergents are reduced, giving a longer life to the product itself.

The Dandy cat and dog bed has high sides with soft internal padding and a removable cushion. On the front side, the entrance is lowered to allow easy access for your animal. The bedding is entirely covered in cotton, machine washable at low temperatures (30°).
Dandy is available in different dimensions: for small dogs and cats, we recommend sizes such as Dandy 45, 55 and 65, for medium-large dogs instead you can choose the more spacious Dandy 80 model.