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DOG TRAINING (73300025)

DOG TRAINING (73300025)


Pen for dogs and puppies, can also be used as fence.  You have just brought home a very sweet puppy and you can't wait to start teaching him things. One of the first things your faithful friend must learn, is how to stay in his own space and, for this reason, you will need to allocate him a defined area within your house. The Dog Training educational fence for puppies will help you do this. Dog Training can be transformed into a practical barrier for defining access areas and is completely collapsible, thanks to its joints. It comes complete with non-slip feet and contoured handles for moving it and is ideal for taking on holiday, as it comes in a super narrow, space-saving package. Inside the enclosure, you can add some accessories (not included) like a food bowl or a fabric dog kennel.
To expand your dog training pen, now you can also find the suitable extension, sold in a kit with two nets and four clips for fixing.