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DOGVILLA 70 (87253099)

DOGVILLA 70 (87253099)

DOGVILLA 70  73 x 59 x h53cm

DOGVILLA 90  88 x 72 x h65cm

DOGVILLA 110  111 x 84 x h79cm

  • Design and patented opening system from the side wall
  • Bottom with particular water drain system
  • Rear grill to ensure a correct internal ventilation
  • Large room and internal volume for your dog
  • Supplied in assembly kit, it can be used even on holiday
  • Accessories: plastic door and hard-wearing cushion Jolly
  • For further protection from cold temperature, you can buy the kit of insulation panels
Dogvilla is an outdoor dog kennel made of tough plastic, with an opening system from the side wall (patented). The opening panel can be mounted on the right or on the left. Once open, it becomes a convenient platform, resting on the ground, giving your dog much more space for himself. Dogvilla is ideal for all seasons and is equipped with a ventilation and water drainage system, which guarantee a dry environment at all times. The base is designed with special slots that allow the water to run away from the kennel. Special aluminium edges around the entrance are designed to withstand dog bites.
Dogvilla is sold completely disassembled, in order to reduce the size of the package. Assembly is very simple and requires no special tools, making it easy to transport and use even on holiday. 
Available as accessories, you will find a plastic door and an insulating panel kit to apply inside the kennel and provide greater protection.