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FAVOLA (57901470)

FAVOLA (57901470)


Hamster cage with high bottom

Dimension: 60 x 36,5 x h 30 cm

  • Large living room thanks to the two-storey structure
  • Wide tranpsartent base
  • Upper part made of wire net
  • Accessories included
  • Ferplast has created Favola, a hamster cage consisting of a large clear plastic base in transparent plastic, designed to contain sawdust and with a top part in wire mesh. The habitat features a structure on two levels, connected by a plastic ladder and a large central hole in which you could connect the wheel. 
    Favola is also an ideal home for mice and can be dismantled quickly, thanks to the practical hooks on the sides. It is also designed to be connected to other units. Favola comes complete with accessories, including a nest, a feeder, a drinking bottle and a wheel, allowing your little rodent to keep fit.