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100% Snack by Ferplast is a complete range of vegetarian dental snacks for dogs designed to meet all needs thanks to the innovative shapes and useful functional ingredients. Natural and healthy, these vegetarian snacks for dogs combine many benefits, health and taste in a single product. They ensure dental hygiene thanks to the mechanical action during chewing, are effective in removing plaque and also produce a massaging effect on the gums. But that's not all: 100% snacks are enriched with useful natural functional ingredients such as Euglena Gracilis. Several scientific studies have shown that, by introducing some funcional ingredients in the dog's diet, we can contribute to the normal functioning of their organism by improving their general state of health.
Euglena Gracilis seaweed flour contains a safe source of Betaglucans (specifically 1.3 betaglucans) which can help maintain a healthy immune system and support gut health with beneficial effects on the dog’s intestinal microbiota.

100% Snack contain only natural ingredients. The colours, also natural, obtained from vegetable concentrates, are used to distinguish and identify the functionality of the snack itself: for the snacks with Algae Euglena Gracilis (intestinal health), the yellow colour is obtained from pumpkin and apple concentrates.

In the package you will find the specific fusilli-shaped chewing sticks for better penetration between the teeth.

Ingredients Euglena Gracilis (intestinal health): Corn starch, glycerin, whole wheat flour, cellulose powder, soy lecithin, sunflower oil, pumpkin and apple vegetable concentrate, 0.7% seaweed meal (Euglena Gracilis), pea protein, chloride sodium. Additives: Technological additives: preservatives.
Energy value: 280 Kcal/100 gr.

Analytical components for 100 g: moisture 14%, crude protein 2.7%, crude oils and fats 3.65%, crude fiber 4.15%, crude ash 1.15%.

The range offers dental snacks for any need: alongside the version with Euglena Gracilis Seaweed for intestinal health (yellow), you can also find snacks with Ascophillum Nodosum Seaweed against bad breath (green), Yucca Schidigera to reduce fecal odours (red), Melissa Officinalis with a relaxing effect (purple) and Ovopet® which helps joint health (orange).