KARAMELLU PET All for your Pet needs


  • Refreshing and deodorant wipes for dogs and cats
  • They allow to cleanse fastly your pet's coat
  • Perfect when you are traveling and you are away from home
  • Delicatelly tea perfumed
  • Alcohol-free
  • One single size with 40 pieces available
Delicatelly green tea-perfumed, Genico Fresh are some perfumed wipes idel to cleanse dogs' and cats' coat. They are alcohol-free, having a pleasant refreshing effect, particularly soft and delicate on your pet's skin, also suitable for puppies and kittens. Genico Fresh Tea are available in one single size of 40 pieces, very practical since it can be always carried with you: with just a quick wiping, when you need to refresh fastly your friend's coat, you could use them. They are ideal when you are traveling with you dog or cat, for example, and after long time passed in your car or in the airplane you want to refresh him quickly. 

The wipes for dogs and cats Genico Fresh are also available in other perfumes: Talc and Marine. Choose the fragrance you prefer to inebriate with scent your faithful friend!