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GRO 5956

GRO 5956

Dog and cat slicker brush

Dimension: 16,3 x 9,7 x h 5,6 cm

  • Slicker brush for dogs and cats
  • Perfectly eliminates dead hair from pet's undercoat
  • Ideal for medium and long-haired animals
  • Two sizes available
  • This carder brush for cats and dogs has a special system that allows you to easily remove dead hair from the brush. In fact, its bent stainless steel wire bristles eliminate the dead hair from your dog's undercoat, making it easier to use a comb later. 
    It is available in two different sizes, ideal for taking care of the undercoat of medium and long-haired animals. The small size, GRO 5955, is ideal for both dogs and cats. The big size, GRO 5956, is a carder brush that is particularly suitable for dogs.