KARAMELLU PET All for your Pet needs


Small sofa for medium-small dogs, made of high-tech fabric with inner padding for maximum comfort
  • Super-durable even with extensive use, scratch-resistant and water-repellent
  • Complete with cushion
  • Lowered side for getting on and off of it
  • Machine-washable at 30° C
  • Available in various sizes: 50, 60 and 80
  • Bright, modern colours
  • The dimensions useful for your pet are (Length, width/depth):
  • JAZZY 50: 35 x 24 cm
  • JAZZY 60: 43 x 30 cm
  • JAZZY 80: 50 x 37 cm

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Jazzy is a small sofa for dogs made of high-tech fabric and complete with a cushion, suitable for medium-small pets. The internal padding will ensure Fido the utmost comfort, while the shape with a lowered entrance was designed to make it easy for your pet to get on and off of it. The special quality and strength of the high-tech material used ensures that the product is completely water-repellent and it is also scratch-resistant and able to withstand extensive use. The bed is practical to use, therefore, and maintenance is also equally easy. It isn't difficult to keep it looking attractive and impeccable, as it can be machine-washed at 30° C.

It comes in bright, modern colours and various sizes to choose from, based on your needs and on the size of your pet, or simply to match it with the decor in your home. 

Jazzy has all the features of resistance and practicality of the Tech product range to which it belongs, although it has a new and improved texture compared to the traditional models. Alongside the Jazzy sofa, the range also includes Polo, a cushion with a removable cover, Jolly, a mattress ideal for dog beds and carriers, Oscar, a padded cushion, and Olympic, a mattress with a removable cover. All the articles in the range stand out for their high durability and the use of top quality materials.