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JUMPY (72074099)

JUMPY (72074099)


Dimension: 38,8 x 57,5 x h 39 cm

Jumpy is the enclosed litter box with an entrance at the top to make sure your cat a has a pleasant and quiet place to go when nature calls. The spacious bottom has a cover with a handy clasp system to keep it safely attached, easy to open for daily cleaning. The concept of this litter box is innovative and easy to get in and out of, with a handy entrance at the top for when nature calls. Compared with traditional litter boxes, Jumpy prevents litter from spilling over and keeps the dog from poking around or digging in it: all this thanks to the high sides it was designed with. Your cat’s solid and liquid waste remain on the bottom while the little holes on the cover with see to it that the litter remaining on your feline friend’s pads falls neatly back into the box. Not only, being deep and covered, it helps prevent the spread of unpleasant odours.

Made of robust plastic, Jumpy is great for large cats and ideal if you have other pets in the house.