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LITTER ARIEL 10 (72041499)

LITTER ARIEL 10 (72041499)


Ariel 10, functional and practical in use, is the cat litter tray equipped with a sieving system that avoids the waste of litter and ensures a clean and comfortable environment for Kitty. Made of sturdy plastic, hygienic material and easy to clean, the toilet Ariel allows you to gradually accustom your friend to doing their physical needs in a very specific place.

To remove the old litter, you just have to lift the perforated bottom and sift the litter that will be separated. In the sieve will remain the clotted litter to be thrown away, in the standard bottom instead you will have the still usable litter to be replenished with new litter.

Attention: for the correct functioning of the sieving system we recommend to use fine-grained litters like sand. Do not use coarse-grained gel litter or chipboards.

The range of Ariel litter tray for cats also proposes the Ariel 10 Plus model with a limiting and removable frame and the Ariel 10 Home version, a covered toilet complete with a dark flap door and a handle for easy transportation.

Ariel is an eco-sustainable product: it is in fact produced with material coming from industrial recycling and post-consumption, for the safeguard of the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.