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MAGIX (72059099)

MAGIX (72059099)

Hooded cat litter tray, complete with sieving system

Dimensions : 55,5 x 45,5 x h 41 cm

  • Tray equipped with special sieving set
  • Allows litter saving
  • Complete with carrying handle
  • Swinging door included
  • Easy to open and closed thanks to the side clips
  • Farewell to unnecessary waste of litter with the Magix covered litter tray! Thanks to its special sifting system of cleaning, this litter tray guarantees the correct amount of litter is used, as well as a dry environment for your cat at all times. Inside the package, in addition to the charcoal filter, you will also find two plastic bases, a sieving base and an upper part that can be securely and easily attached to the bottom. Magix also comes with a handle for carrying it.

    Attention: for the correct functioning of the sieving system we recommend to use fine-grained litters like sand. Do not use coarse-grained gel litter or chipboards.

  • €46,00