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NEST SMALL (92103000)

NEST SMALL (92103000)


Essential for allowing your birds to nest in peace, our bird nests can be attached to all Ferplast cages. In fact, they are equipped with a metal hook for attaching them to your birds habitats to replace one of the habitat doors. They have a nice themed decoration on the front and a openable lid to facilite cleaning operations. They are available in different sizes and have a special entrance hole to allow your feathered-friends easy access. Depending on the model, the diameter of the entrance hole to the nest ranges from 4 to 5 cm. For canary and exotic birds, for example, are more suitable Nido Mini, Small and Medium.
All nests are made of FSC™ certified wood that is sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources