KARAMELLU PET All for your Pet needs


  • A bowl complete with a built-in digital scale
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and cats
  • Weights the correct amount of food to feed your pet easily and precisely
  • Helps maintain your pet's ideal weight
  • Avoids the risk of problems linked to over-feeding
  • Can be used with dry or wet food, biscuits or kibble
  • Made of strong plastic
  • It's lower rim has non-slip rubber feet ensuring the utmost stability
  • Small in size making it easy to carry with you on various occasions
  • Large LCD screen
  • Equipped with an easy-to-use tare weight function
  • Complete with a 0.85 litre capacity stainless steel bowl
  • Compatible with Ferplast's Orion Kc 54 bowls
  • Easy to clean thanks to the removable bowl
  • It functions with 2 replaceable 1.5 V AAA type batteries (not included)

Optima is so convenient! Thanks to this bowl with a integrated digital scale, you can provide your furry friend the correct amount of food easily and precisely. Optima is particularly suited to cats and small or medium-sized dogs: it helps maintain your pet's ideal weight, thus avoiding the risk of problems linked to over-feeding. The bowl can be used for dry or wet food, biscuits or kibble. 

Optima has a large LCD display allowing you to easily verify the data and has a tare weight function. Made of strong plastic, it comes complete with a 0.85 litre stainless steel bowl, which is hygienic and resistant, removable, for easy cleaning, and compatible with Ferplast's Orion Kc 54 bowls.

Optima has a solid base with non-slip rubber feet, ensuring the utmost stability. Thanks to its small size, it can be carried with you on various occasions. It works with 2 replaceable 1.5V AAA type alkaline batteries (not included).

As far as maintenance is concerned, clean the scale and the bowl with a damp cloth. We strongly recommend that you avoid using chemical or abrasive products.