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PA 4092 PARROT TOY (84092099)

PA 4092 PARROT TOY (84092099)

Parrot toy, made of wood

Dimension: 9 x 3 x h 32 cm

  • Toy for parrots
  • Useful accessory for your feathered friend's amusement
  • Equipped with small bell and metal chain
  • Available in different shapes and colours
  • Parrot toys are useful accessories for keeping your feathered friends busy. Choose the one that you like most from the six models available: PA 4091, PA 4092, PA 4094, PA 4095, PA 4096 and PA 4098. These toys are very colourful and come in various shapes, they are all equipped with little bells and a metal chain with a hook for attaching it to the cage. 
    Remember that all of Ferplast's wooden bird toys are painted using only products that are non-toxic to animals.