KARAMELLU PET All for your Pet needs
PA 6020 (86020799)

PA 6020 (86020799)


PA 6020  4.5cm

PA 6022  5cm

PA 6024  6.5cm

PA 6026  8cm

  • Tought rubber dog toy with the shape of a ball
  • Original multicoloured pattern
  • Useful tool to make you friend enjoy himself
  • Four different sizes you can choose
  • Mixed colours available
These dog balls made of tought rubber are useful stress-free instruments to entertain your friend during the day, made of a very resistant material perfect for example if your friend has the habit to bite and keeps the toy in his mouth. Absolutely safe and made from first quality materials, these toy-balls for dogs are available in four different sizes with a different diameter and with a pleasant multi-coloured pattern.