KARAMELLU PET All for your Pet needs
PA 6430 (86430799)

PA 6430 (86430799)


PA 6430  10.5 x 23.5cm

PA 6432  15.5 x 29cm

  • Dog toy made of cotton and tought rubber
  • Twisted cotton cord and rubber part with the shape of a tyre
  • Excellent to improve your animal's reflexes
  • Suitable for biting dogs
Here is is a dog toy made of cotton and very resistant tought rubber which is very indicated in case of biting animals. Useful to train and improve your dog's speed, reflexes and resistance. It is available in two different sizes. This dog toy is composed by a cotton cord and a strong tought rubber tyre. Very handy, this stress-free for dogs is very esy to grab and so that you can play like wheeling and dealing with your friend, letting it go and pulling: amusing is ensured!