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PIANO 3 (52056917)

PIANO 3 (52056917)

Canary and small exotic bird cage

Dimension: 50 x 30 x h 52,5 cm

  • Ideal for canaries, exotic and other small birds
  • Essential design
  • High base to avoid dirt from coming out
  • Complete with accessories
  • Base with removable trays for easy cleaning
  • Save space system, to reduce volume when knocked down
  • Piano 3 is a bird cage with a basic, clean design, featuring a structure with columns and a framework in plastic. It is medium-sized and is suitable for birds like canaries or small exotic birds. It also has a deep plastic base with a removable tray for easy and fast cleaning. Accessories included: removable swivel feeders, rubber-coated plastic perches, a drinking bottle and food clip for vegetables. 

    The Piano range includes birdcages of different sizes, some ideal for keeping several birds together and all can be used with special plastic or metal stands.