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PRIMA CABRIO (72053899)

PRIMA CABRIO (72053899)

Covered cat litter tray with opening hatch

Dimensions:39,5 x 52,5 x h 38 cm

  • Wide opening for easy maintenance
  • Complete carrying handle
  • Swinging plastic door
  • Active carbon included
Very practical, the new-concept cat litter tray Prima Cabrio, made of plastic, is equipped with everything necessary to ensure your cat the utmost privacy and tranquillity while going about his daily business. It comes complete with a handle that allows you to place it wherever you prefer and features a wide opening front hatch allowing an easy and quick cleaning and maintenance. Like all the cat litter trays by Ferplast, Prima Cabrio as well presents an efficient and safe locking system. It comes complete with the necessary active carbon filters to neutralize odours.