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REKORD 2 (52007811)

REKORD 2 (52007811)


Canary and small exotic bird cage

Dimension: 39 x 25 x h 41 cm

  • Ideal for canaries, exotic and other small birds
  • Plastic coated metal wire net
  • Plastic base with removable tray
  • Accessories included
  • Rekord 2 is a cage with a rectangular base, ideal for canaries, exotic birds and other small birds. It has a handle for easy carrying and it is made of wire mesh that has been painted white and has a sturdy plastic base. Rekord 2 comes complete with essential accessories, including plastic drinking bottle and perches, Brava 1 extractable swivel feeders, a swing, a food clip and feeders for mash. This birdcage is easy to look after and can be cleaned in an instant, thanks to its removable dirt-collecting tray. When necessary, you can completely remove the base, thanks to the clips on the sides. 
    The plastic stand can be purchased as an optional, if desired.