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RELAX 100/12CUS.MICROFLE.DARK (83310023)

RELAX 100/12CUS.MICROFLE.DARK (83310023)


The Relax Microfleece dog and cat cushion is made of warm and soft microfleece, has an oval shape and internal padding for maximum comfort.
Perfect for the winter season and for the coldest animals, it can be used alone as a bed for your friend or combined with the rigid plastic Siesta Deluxe by Ferplast.
The number after the slash refers to the size of the Siesta Deluxe bed to which the cushion can be combined. For example, the Relax 55/4 cushion can be used in conjunction with Siesta Deluxe 4.

Relax Microfleece is proposed in various colours able to satisfy different tastes and adapt to any type of furniture.

All Relax cushions can be safely washed in the washing machine at 30°. At your disposal you will have different sizes suitable for animals of all sizes. For cats and small dogs, for example, we recommend the Relax models 45/2, 55/4, 65/6 and 78/8 while the larger sizes such as Relax 89/10 and 100/12 are perfect for medium-sized dogs. great.