KARAMELLU PET All for your Pet needs


50 x 50 x h64.5cm

  • Solid wooden structure
  • Italian design
  • Cushions with one side made from plush and another made from synthetic fabric
  • Equipped with comfortable internal bed and shelf in the top
  • Wide sisal surface for scratching
  • Italian design, this cat scratching post is undoubtedly original, complete with scratching and relaxing areas. Sturdy and made of wood, this model is complete with a sisal column for scratching and a nice platform to lie down. Thanks to its compact sizes, besides, it results perfect for small rooms.

    In the lower part, Simba has a comfortable bed with a double-face cushion made of soft water-repellent fabric: here your pussycat will find a welcoming shelter for his relaxation. In the top part of the furniture, then, a comfortable platform can be used as an ambush to keep everything under control or simply to laize about quietly! This scratching post is perfect for all seasons thanks to the double-face cushions: in winter, your pussycat will stay warmer when in contact with the synthetic plush, in summer, instead, he will stay cool when in contact with the synthetic fabric.

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