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SWING 9 SET GREY (72105021)

SWING 9 SET GREY (72105021)


Would you like to install a cat door but your cat is too big? No problem! Swing 9 pet door is here. Designed to make access easy to large cats, it can also be used for small dogs.
Thanks to its universal installation, Swing 9 can easily be assembled on any wood, metal or glass door and on brickwork walls. The door is solid and sturdy, made of high-quality plastic, and comes with useful technical features that make it reliable and practical to use. Its innovative protection system against drafts, Wind Stopper System, and its 4-way closure allow you to adjust the opening of the door according to need: entrance only, exit only, entrance and exit, or closed.
Just like in larger models, Swing 9 has a limit switch buffer at the door's maximum opening.
The swing door comes with a 5 cm tunnel so it can be adapted to thicker structures. It can be thinned.

Warning: For installation on glass doors, check with a glass maker first, because safety glass or double-glazed doors cannot be cut.