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TWISTER (85089099)

TWISTER (85089099)


Twister is an entertainment toy for cats that will provide Fluffy with pleasant moments of play! Part of our Clever & Happy line of products, it was designed to keep your pet's attention sharp, helping him overcome boredom. It ensures great physical and mental exercising, develops dexterity and stimulates your friend's curiosity. What can be better than playing with your cat? This toy will surely strengthen the bond the two of you have! Just place the balls inside the disks and slide them quickly along the track. Your cat will first examine the toy and then have fun attempting to grasp it. The Twister cat toy consists of three balls and also comes with anti-slip edges to ensure maximum stability during use.

Try combining Twister with other toys of the Clever & Happy line. Try them all - you will always come up with a new combination and can build an amusement park for your cat!