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VILLAGE 80 (57012317)

VILLAGE 80 (57012317)


The Village 80 hamster cage offers several floors designed to encourage play and movement, while ensuring maximum living comfort for your animal. The habitat is divided into different levels obtained through small shelves connected by transparent plastic tunnels. The different areas are designed for any time of day. The rodent will be able to eat, drink, rest or play thanks to the essential accessories included: feeder, bowl, drinker, nest and large hamster wheel.

Made of sturdy painted metal mesh, the habitat is equipped with corner supports and fixing clips to guarantee maximum solidity and safety. On the front and side wall, some opening doors allow easy access for daily maintenance operations. The doors are equipped with special locking hooks to prevent accidental escapes of the animal.
The large plastic bottom effectively contains the litter, preventing it from spilling, allowing the hamster to hide and have fun digging. Bottom and base can be quickly separated to facilitate maintenance operations.

Finally, the habitat is designed to be connected to other housing modules, tubes or accessories for hamsters.

Village is an eco-sustainable product: it is in fact produced with material from industrial and post-consumer recycling, for the safeguard of the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.